B&W Atlantis

Two Roadeos left the shop this week. Both unique in their own right, one goes to eleven on the cog set, one goes to eight. One fender’d, one not. One has 28mm tires, one has 33.3333333mm tires. One has curly drop bars, the other flat bars.

I could go on, but the point is that the Roadeo, along with the rest of our frames, is a well-designed, versatile machine.



Dionysus Atlanticus

It’s normal for us all to start filling in at 8:50am and find Dion waiting for us with a usual comment of something like: “I just rode around the mountain twice.” This is before we’ve even turned on the coffee machines.

Dion logs serious miles on his bikes, split between his Atlantis, Custom and Legolas (useta be Keven’s Lego before Keven got the Bosco Bug and dumped all his drops). I know Dion’s got a Big Dummy and at least a few other bikes too, all loaded to the teeth with no second thoughts given to net weight. He leaves the front rack on just to have something nice to look at, even though he doesn’t use it, he says. You’d be hard pressed to build up a better drop bar touring rig than this one. It’s ready for anything.

Wait times are pretty good on these Made in USA Rivendell Atlantis Frames. Operators are standing by….


Mistical Sunday Morning

We often get questions regarding the details of our Nitto handlebar fleet. The specs are in our latest & greatest Catalog

We’ve also added them to the handlebar description pages. Enjoy!


Buddy says enjoy your 4th of July & this Roadeo Mark (his dad) just built up. The color is going to be added as a standard option to the Roadeo line-up. I think it’s called Brilliant Blue? Could be wrong though, Mark knows.

Have fun out there.


63cm A. Homer Hilsen, this build really received the royal treatment.

  • Rich built wheels, Polished Synergy mated to White Industries hubs
  • All the Nitto goodies… all of them
  • TRP levers with speed holes
  • XT front & rear Derailers
  • Asym shifters Dave/Lance style
  • SKS p50 fenders hiding some 40mm Schwalbe Supremes
  • Paul Racer brakers
  • Swiss made kickstand with rubber foot


The Sam in many ways, a few ways, is the best all-around bike we’ve ever made. It’s not better than the Homer, but it costs like $1,000 to $1,300 less, and that has to count. It came after the Homer, so benefited from things learned from the Homer.

They ride identically enough that I can’t tell which bike I’m on.  I have a Homer-on-the-big side for me (a rare 60), and a Sam-on-big-side, a 56. They both fit fine, I ride them the same amount, both are set up alike, and when I’m not looking I can’t tell, and at any point on any ride I might not even know. This was the plan—to make the Sam ride like the Homer.

The second top tube doesn’t hurt anything. It must make the bike laterally stiffer, better for touring with a load, but since I have my Atlantis for that, I don’t put the 2TT to the test.

The Sam’s made in Taiwan. The SOUND of those syllables isn’t musical, but that it’s not musical is —- because we associate, still, deep down and from years of seeing it plastered on toys and junk, those same words.

I’ve been to many bike shops and factories, from one-manners to Bridgestone, with maybe seven others in between. Panasonic, Wford, Match, Toyo, and many small custom shops. They’re all impressive in their way, but none is more impressive than the one that makes the Sam. It’s big enough to require efficiency. There’s no pipe-smoking gnomes contemplating the next hand-miter there, but there’s also no rush. The floor is the cleanest I’ve ever seen. Each operation has a specialist who learns perfection by repetition, exactly the way you want your surgeon to learn it. There’s no sign of rushing, just of no wasted movements, no backtracking an oops, or anything like that. The frames are checked for alignment at various stages, and there are in-house testing machines that use hydraulics and computers to replicate specific tests.

Even if you don’t ask for test results (we do), they test the frames, because they’re in the loop and they want to know. It’s a comforting level of concern, and not at all what you might expect when you think of a “Taiwan bike factory.”


Thank you again to all who joined this weekend for our garage sale festivities. If you live out of state or overslept here are some photos & short time lapse of how it all went down.