I do declare Mr. Hilsen!

This here is a 61cm Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen. All shinied up with high polished brakes & hubs. Nods to the past include the saddle, centerpulls, downtube shifters and non-aero levers (customer requested that we do not wrap the bars, he’ll do it), while the rims, tires & drivetrain have a more modern down-home humility. Homers are designed for a super comfy riding position with drop bars. Just look at this thing, it looks so right and proportional because it is so right and proportional. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years and this bike is a great example. Our flagship frame in it’s most popular (average) size with an individualized build that leaves nothing to be desired, nothing to upgrade. Congrats to the owner who’ll be receiving it soon.

Believe it or not, we’ve got a few odd sizes of Homers here ready to build. For some sizes there’s still a few months wait, but call if you’re interested. We also have lots of Homer’s little brother Sam in stock.



In for a new set of brakepads and tires is an older production Saluki with some signs of love as a daily commuter with gentle beausage. Every thing is understated but primo. Only thing missing from this real-world ride is her trusty SaddleSack.

It’s a great city bike setup for a smaller rider who doesn’t weigh much. The aluminum albatross cockpit is very light by cockpit standards. The frame is stout, but there’s no fat. And while we usually send commuters out with tougher rims and tires, when you weigh a scant 105 pounds, you can still get away with carrying 25 pounds of food over city streets on a featherweight wheelset so long as your tires are chubby enough (these are 38mm). Rich-built DT Swiss 340 hubs and w/ Velocity A23 wheelset makes it a true cat-5 race machine. Bolt-on German tail-light and MKS platform pedals with reflectors are no-brainers for the stop-start city commutes.

We used to sell these pari-moto tires but they’ve been discontinued, so we’ll be replacing this bald pair with our new ultralight 650b x 42mm Soma GRs.  She managed zero flats in a year of commuting on those light tires on her route so we think they’ll be fine.

Saluki is what we used to call our A. Homer Hilsen in smaller sizes.

We have just a few 47cm and 50cm size NOS Saluki a.k.a. A.HomerHilsen frames left. If you like this one…. call us 800 345 3918.


Fun Foto Friday Part Deux.

You’re looking at a 59.2cm custom, 23.3071”, which is also 23.68 of Vince’s pointer fingers.


Fun Foto Friday is the idea here. Every Friday we will do our best to showcase one of the bikes Mark or Brian built up during the week.

This fine specimen is a 57cm A. Homer Hilsen in a color fit for a king. Enjoy the Fotos.


48cm Hunqapillar trail boss.

Here is what we’ve been referring to as the “Kev-iot” It is also the first staff Cheviot with a long line to follow. Neat things worth noting

60cm Cheviot

Big Pulley Altus

Old toob basket fender

50mm Big Bens

New’ish SKS P50 LongBoards

Rasta necklace good luck charm?

He also hauls his wee one to school on the rear rack.


Mark just finished up building this well equipped Sage Green 55cm Albastache’d Sam.

Brian just built up the last of our Cheviot samples. This one is a 60cm with a coupla baskets.


Our Sam Hillborne demo fleet.

All sizes are currently in stock, ready to be built up and shipped out.