Riv Magnet & Gomez Badge

Authentic cloissonne flat Rivendell headbadge with a super strong rare earth magnet glued to the back.  Perfect for holding a pile of up to 30 papers to your ‘fridge.

Get them here.

New Gomez Badge:

It’s a watchface with Y-hands. Get it? If you have a Gomez (and only if you have a Gomez and can prove it)  and want one send $12 cash and a clearly written return address label through the mail to

Yves Gomez
PO Box 5289
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Gomez customers only, so provide proof. An invoice # would be great.

Last Book Talk

Today, Sunday the 4th I’ve got my last book-talk thing—in the Walnut Creek Barnes & Noble, 2:00. It will last about 75 minutes, and I think it’s in the record section.