Dionysus Atlanticus

It’s normal for us all to start filling in at 8:50am and find Dion waiting for us with a usual comment of something like: “I just rode around the mountain twice.” This is before we’ve even turned on the coffee machines.

Dion logs serious miles on his bikes, split between his Atlantis, Custom and Legolas (useta be Keven’s Lego before Keven got the Bosco Bug and dumped all his drops). I know Dion’s got a Big Dummy and at least a few other bikes too, all loaded to the teeth with no second thoughts given to net weight. He leaves the front rack on just to have something nice to look at, even though he doesn’t use it, he says. You’d be hard pressed to build up a better drop bar touring rig than this one. It’s ready for anything.

Wait times are pretty good on these Made in USA Rivendell Atlantis Frames. Operators are standing by….