Every now and then we are victims of ourselves and delivery…things don’t show up on time, then when they do show up, the bill is due the same day or week as another big one, or two, or three…and that’s when life sucks, that’s when none of the products or projects even seems worth it. Cash flow rules our life. We’ll get over this, but sheesh. Buy futures. Buy something. Shop early for Christmas. Pay off a bike you owe on. Something?

The new store is coming along, but has, you know, not exactly cost nothing. We haven’t gone big and stupid on anything. Nothing extravagant. It’ll look good, but—-it’s pretty basic. Tree branches from my back yard.  Plywood, not solid wood fixtures. A used phone, no new computer—we’re going with the square and an iPad.

Stocking it with inventory is the worst of it, and that’s not so bad, since we have the bikes, and the hatches aren’t that many. The books are expensive, but there aren’t that many titles, and we’re well stocked and deeply with the books we want. Don’t suggest any more. Now’s not time.

Some neat bike projects are in the works. We’ll have a new mixte sometime.

New store opens maybe Tues. Some guys are down there now, a-spiffing.