August Update

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That’s a Bosco bar above. Makes any bike more comfortable.

Email newsletter #61. The heatwave is finally tapering off here in Walnut Creek, we’re busting through Betty builds, leases downtown are not happening, Waterford lead times are getting better, and Mark’s been on vacation for a few weeks so we miss him. We’ll be chugging along at normal velocity come Thursday.

Coupon Triple Play

As always, coupons only work if you enter them in the box at checkout. You can use all of these coupons at the same time! No limit. While supplies last, no backorders, yadda. All coupons expire August 31st.

First up is our favorite pedal, an upgrade worthy of any bicycle. Grip King. It’s our very own design, made for us by MKS Japan. A big grippy surface and the best cornering clearance in our line.

Code: GripKing
Deal: 10% off our best selling pedal till August 31st. No limit. Stock up.

On deck: Casey Stengel was born this day in 1890. It’s a stretch but: he wore a jersey (#37), we have jerseys, jerseys on sale!

Code: Casey
Deal: 10% off our MUSA jerseys. And not just our newest cobalt pocket jerseys, but also both the long sleeve and short sleeve sage riding tees. These are made for us right here in the East Bay by Ronnie. The fabric is 100% extra fine merino wool, same stuff used by some other brands priced $100 and up.

In the hole: Derby Tweed Blowout

Code: Derby
Deal: 20% off all four of our English Derby Tweed tops. That goes for the RollyNecker, Vest, ButtonUp, and Sergeant.  Only a few left. Sorry if we sell out before you get there, but we do have plenty of the newer blue ones. The coupon is for the green ones, not blue.

A quote: “I want to thank my parents for letting me play baseball. I’m thankful I had baseball knuckles and couldn’t become a dentist.” - Casey Stengel

New Frames in Web Specials

A few new unique frames can be found here. Unearthed dealer frames, Bike of Months, three mixtes, last gasp of the 56cm double-tuber Sams. The next batch of Sams has new sizing and the 55cms don’t need the extra support. At $990 they’re a steal. The Bikes of Months got prices cut. Someone get them so we can move on to Harry, Jared, Jenny and so on.

English Rain Jacket News

Along with some other news about hatchets and my famous smoked trout check out the Blug photos of our Rain Jacket samples. The men’s sample you see there is genuine Ventile, the women’s is waxed cotton. Our version will be neither of those, instead it’s the swatch you see our models holding: our labor-of-love Italian Ventile-beater fabric (on an airplane as I write) and here’s why. The waxed cotton girl’s jacket is undeniably cute, but too heavy for riding. And hot! Our patternmaker just had some lying around, whipped up the sample. Italian cotton is half the weight and won’t attract grime like waxed cotton. The Ventile men’s sample is nice, no doubt. We are Ventile fans here. The WWII history of it, it’s Englishness, the green color, all great things. But it’s a tad heavier than the Italian and would have made for a $1000 jacket. Forget it. The Italian stuff is perfect for a bicycler’s rain jacket. Waterproof, light. Based on five staff Ventiles and a dozen other staff rain solutions, we came up with our own bike-specific garment that will beat the socks off every other rain jacket out there in comfort, functionality and style.

So the fabric is Italian now, but we’re still calling it the English Jacket because the design is based on the English duffle coats of bygone eras when jackets still had toggles to seal off the zipper. The design is bike-ified for leaning forward and what not. The arm and neck holes on the Hilltrek were way too small, so that’s bigger too. You can stuff a scarf or gaiter in this one. Bamboo toggles from Taiwan, via a colleague/friend from the bike biz over there. Swedish cuff snaps with RBW embossed right on them, Swedish elastic for lob’s sake. Sewn in San Francisco. There’s no hood or provision for a hood because if we picked head-size we’d set off the helmet debate, so not going there. Use a helmet cover or a Grunden’s rain hat, it’s unimprovable, and also has Swedish snaps.

The retail price on these jackets will be in the $450-500 range and if we didn’t source and sell direct (or gouge) you could expect it to go for $750 anywhere else. We are getting a very limited number of these, especially the girl’s cut and presale-ing them on the site now.  We are lacking closeup photos, but have one more sample coming, we’ll shoot that one. Add your gender/size to the cart. We will only charge $150 now, but you lock in a $400 price when they land. The rest when they arrive in September. Maybe/likely the only time we do this.

Sam Hillbornes

After too many delays at the factory our 2013 run of Sam Hillbornes is wrapping up. New sizes 51, 55, 58 & 62. We have some old sizes in stock so please call soon. Thanks to all who have been waiting. A limited number of 48cms are available for delivery NOW, but we will not be restocking this smallest size. It’s the one pictured in the main image at that link, a 48cm. Don’t wait till we sell through these new frames, as often happens when they land. Presale can be scary to some, but guarantees that you’ll have one before 2015. Call us 800 345 3918. Talk to Jared. Also, when that shipping container arrives and we’re slapped with the bill, pricing might be adjusted in the upwards direction (hint… hint… call now). Been wanting to upgrade that touring bike of yours? Sam’s the bike and the timing’s right. 

We expect more Betties (still a few in stock) in January and TaiwanoHunqs in February. Delivery times on USA Homers, Atlantises and Hunqs are getting better. We do have odd sizes of all models laying around the warehouses ready for sale. Call and see if we have your size in stock.

BART Strike Maybe Monday

Our local mass transit agency is in labor negotiations again. This might mean some of our staff will be out of a ride to work. We’ll be open, but hope for the best. ~Dave