Made in Oakland Shirts - Fourth Coupon


Did you know our MUSA (Made in the USA) shirts are designed here in Walnut Creek and sewn in Oakland? Our sewer Ronnie delivered them himself yesterday. New staff favorite color. 

Sage green 100% Merino wool. Magnets on the roll-up door had to do for photos this time. Short week, need to get them up. Quite nice for these hot days actually.

We have a Fourth of July coupon code: MUSA

Good from now through July 7th, good for 4% off any order between $76 and $1776. Excludes new frames, but that’s it. Standard shipping and tax rates. You have to type MUSA in the coupon box at checkout for it to kick in.

Back to the shirts. Above is the short sleeve Sage MUSA top. Same standard MUSA short sleeve pattern. Athletic, but not superhero cut. Looks good on lots of shapes. Buy your t-shirt size.


Here’s the long sleeve MUSA wool top. I stretched it out a bit to show where the seems are. It’s hitting the hundreds here in Walnut Creek, so long sleeve shirt modeling volunteers were few today.

Great new green color. Mark likes! Complexion complimenting neutral fabric.

New Style - Put a pocket on it

Jenny has been adding pockets to her shirts, inspiring others. In the back, sort of off to the right if I recall.  This doesn’t quite have the charm of Jenny’s, but hey, these new MUSA pocket jerseys sure are nice.


Plain t-shirt like front. Even plainer than our sage tops above. Less stitching.


But with a neat reinforced pocket in the back. Perfect size for a banana. Or a waterbottle in a pinch, or sunglasses & keys.


It stretches a little bit, but not enough that stuff leans out.

This is the one and only run of this cobalt fabric color. We used up the rest of the roll on the MUSA Boxer Undies, which are back in stock in all sizes. You might get this old color or new brighter cobalt like the shirt. Close enough that we’re not making a new part.