Garage Sale November 17, 8:30am

Once a year, or so, we clean out the warehouses here and have a small driveway sale before normal open hours on a Saturday. 


Stuff that was in web specials for a long time, new but discontinued.  Used tires, lots of fenders with various defects, complete cockpits ripped from frames, baskets, stems, seatposts, some wheels, about twenty blem frames and bikes, discontinued items. Things will be sorted by price from $5 in increments up to several thousand for the bikes. So bring your ones, twos, fives, tens, twenties, hundreds. Cash only.  We can’t/won’t tell you EXACTLY what’s gonna be there, but there will be some real priced-to-move bargains and at least one box of really cheap front derailers. Also if you are an extra small or extra extra large person there will be plenty of clothing items just for you and practically nothing in between.

This is a local, cash only sale.

Normal Saturday business hours 10am-4pm will continue afterwards.