Updated post-tour notes

The update is well below, April-the-blind woman’s story of recovery, formerly told by me, this time told by her boyfriend, Todd.

Two things in Times:

First is this. It is relevant to everybody who is either aging or knows somebody who is.

Next is this: I am back home now after a second leg of the book tour, and easily, in 95 percent of the radio and television things, the “Bicycle Helmets aren’t all they’re cracked up to be” book entry comes up. I think many people don’t read past the headline. They think aha, I get what he’s saying from the headline, time to pounce.

For those of you who haven’t read Just Ride and won’t, which is fine, it is a thousand percent true that I believe helmets are NOT all they’re cracked up to be. Any one person’s first or second-hand experience in which a helmet was helpful, or seemed to be, doesn’t invalidate that they’re too light to be adequate in all circumstances. The book-thing goes into some details, but it amounts to the tests they pass are designed to pass helmets more than to protect heads…but rather than go down that road here, what I want to say now is…read this link about helmets, and just allow it into your mix of things to consider, because it is….well, worth considering. I am not advocating unsafetyness. I am saying bike helmets are not that much protection, your parachute is ill-packed, you lifeboat is leaky, that rope you’re climbing with is manila and not all that fat.



Last Saturday morning after my final television thing, I was standing around outside the teevee station with my “literary escort” (shuttles me from hotel to venue to breakfast or whatever) and Michael S., who lent the bike for the tv spot—-a super passive prop, not even necessary, I’m thinking), and then Michael told me a story involving quicksand, javelinas, nakedness (the first story) and a machine gun and rei (second story). If he reads this and is willing to tell them once again, I’ll include them here. I could retell with every detail where it ought to be, but “this is what happened to a friend of mine” stories start off handicapped, so I hope to beg Michael into doing it. I’ll email him now.

No time to write, so he sent this vid. It’s 7:34, kind of interesting.

And there’s another one later on down below.

We have some circle “Just Ride” patches now:

They’re made in the u.s., sticky-back, but for applications like this, throw on some hand-stitching, They’ll be on the site soon. Available now.

Oct 10 I’m at Concord REI. Then the 24th, in SF-REI.   Both of these also 7-8:30.


Everybody in Chicago knows what this is:

It’s The Bean. Andrew, who used to work here, quit to work on it, instead. It’s stainless steel. Was made at least partly in the Bay Area here, and it the neatest public art I’ve seen. I’m not saying I’ve seen thousands, but pick any thousand, and this one’ll come out near or at the top. It’s been up since around 2007. Google The Chicago Bean for more accurate and specific information.

From under it, in the middle, you look up and see this. That’s me, arm outstretched, shooting the picture.

And this is world HQ of McDonalds. From the freeway. Not all that exciting, but we all know McDonalds, and now you know what its HQ looks like & where it is. Onward..


Here’s another Michael Shapiro story. The relevance, again, is that he’s an Atlantis owner and lent me the bike I used as a prop for a morning tv show in Phoenix:

It is worth watching.


Also today I got a telephone call from a customer, Todd, with yet another interesting story. He’s a musician, guitarist, and plays now and then at the local farmer’s market, in SoCal. Late ’30s, I think. A month ago he was sitting there playing and April, of about the same age, came up & liked his music & they hit it off. Now Todd and April are bf/gf. Well…..last week I had my version of his story up here. Just now he sent me this, his own:

Hi Grant, 

We talked a couple of days ago and I told you about my girlfriend’s success with the primal blueprint helping her chronic eye pain.  Here is her story.
I met April at the Campbell farmers market on September 9th when I saw her run into a tree she didn’t know was there.  I thought, What’s wrong with this girl? Then I learned she was blind, and had a good sense of humor.  We spent the day together and she told me  she started going blind at the age of 27 when the chicken pocks virus re-awoke and attacked the retina in her left eye.  Four years later the same virus attacked her right eye.  Her blindness was accompanied by extensive nerve damage to the optic nerve in both eyes causing chronic pain.  Her doctors said she’d have to live with it for the rest of her life.  Two years ago the pain became so bad she would go through 120 Vicodin in less than three weeks, and it barely made a difference.  After several hospital visits she saw a pain specialist who put her on anti-seizure medication that lessened the pain but caused daily nausea.  She  tried acupuncture,  meditation,  herbs,  reflexology, but wasn’t helped until she began a daily regimen of cannabis. 

Then about two years ago  you interviewed Mark Sisson in the Rivendell Reader, and that turned me on to the Primal Blueprint and my first real understanding of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Then again, fairly recently you posted the Dr Terry Wahls video that showed how she cured her MS with the primal/paleo diet.  Shortly after seeing that video I met April and learned of her story.  I remember her showing me her handful of meds and staring blankly at the ceiling of her little apartment and with exasperated laugh explaining how she wished she “had just gone blind”  without the complications.  She told me that she was tired of smoking cannabis everyday and wished she could get off of it.  I thought of the Terry Wahls video so I suggested the that we try the Primal Diet.  We cleaned out her cupboards of all the carbs.  I started sending her home with care packages of salads,  air dried zuccini strips for the pesto chicken zuccini pasta meal.  On Fridays we have the shrimp cakes with Spinach Slaw and Coconut Almond Dressing from the Primal Blueprint cookbook.  She has been 100 percent compliant, and within 10 days her eye pain and nausea disappeared.  Her left eye now tears up on its own and she no longer needs the drops.  She had an offer to purchase a bunch of cannabit at a really good price and she turned it down because she no longer needs it.  She can’t believe how well this is turning out.

—-Me again below—-

Backup a little to the Reader issue with the Mark Sisson interview. Todd was an out of shape musician, read that, went primal/paleo/lo-carb, and had great results. Then in a BLUG he clicked on the TED talk link about MS and mitochondria, <—-17:34, but worth every minute if you have MS or know somebody who does.

For whatever reason, he thought, “Let’s try that with April.” Within 3 weeks her eyes were juicing up again and the pain was gone, no need to medicate.

I understand this is all anecdotal, but still.


Finally: Every time I see rotated bars I am tempted to fix ‘em. I found these in Montana. Cannot be good. Cannot be easy to brake from the tops. What is the right thing to do? Leave ‘em? Fix ‘em? If they were just a little off, that’s one thing. But these…come on. I left them, but it didn’t feel right. I’m sure if I’d fixed ‘em somebody would accuse me of playing God.