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I soon begin the last leg of my book tour, and the stops are below this post, and I’m frequently contacted for interviews in local papers & things, and here’s one: It is tied into Brooklyn Cruiser, for whom I am now…on the advisory committee. I don’t know how many others are on it or who they are, but anyway, I’m on it, and so this interview is sort of a combo Just Rider/Brooklyn Cruiser piece, destined for a trade magazine’s site only, but you can read it here:


Scott next door has a brake and muffler business, rides BMX, as does his son, and they have trophies all over the place, some three-feet high, and he also dabbles in frame building (not for us, for himself). He likes lugs and we like him so we give him lugs to practice on now and then—-it being a neighborly thing to do and him being right next door and doing stuff for us now and then for free. Although it is forbidden to build with RIv lugs if you aren’t building a Riv—-we don’t want to confuse the velo-archeologists of the future—-he went ahead and built this one-of-a-kinder, and it’s kind of neat:

It’s a left-side driver, too.

Top head lug from a Riv custom; bottom, from a Glorius/Wilbury, with the lip milled off. I am sure this the the  only lugged, left-side drive BMX bike in the world.


 Today Tues the 18th bicycle tourist Brian, 28 and from Ft. Collins, Colorado, about 60 miles north of Denver, came stopped by and wanted to see Rivendell, on his 9,500th mile of what will be about an 11,800-mile or so tour. Ft. Collins CO to Maine to Florida, Lousiana, Chicago, Seattle, SF area (here), LA, Grand Canyon, back to Ft. Collins. John and I were talking with him, all interesting, and as I sometimes do, I asked him to write down his gear list to the last detail. It took him a couple of minutes, no more, and this is it:

(3) wool base layers

(2) wool undies

(3) andiamo undies (not wool)

(2) MUSA knickers

(2) REI-type shorts

(1) Jeans

(3) Cotton T-shirts

(1) Bikey jersey

(2) Nalgene (water) bottles,  and one brush

(1) Super fancy Feathered Friends down sleeping bag—-rich kid!

(1) VBL liner

(1) Thermarest

(1) fleece leg warmers

(1) down jacket

(1) rain jacket

(1) rain pants

(1) tools, patches


(1) Soap.

(1) Toothpase and brush.

(1) Tobacco (he rolls his own).

(1) Camera

(1) Rainy day pen.

(1) Book

(1) Gloves and fingerless gloves

(1) Rain booties

Peanut butter

(1) Tent (O-Gear tarp tend, no poles or netting, just string it up); with plastic tarp ground sheet, lots of para-cord, stakes, etc.

Here’s Brian and bike and the most serious expression I’ve seen on his face all today:

Now, whatever you think of the list (he doesn’t cook, although he started off with a Trangia—a great choice), however it may differ from yours or what you’ve read as recommended, or what the interexperts say, this list MUST work for him. You can go by this—making tweaks to suit your taste, but keeping the ITEM TYPE intact—-and be confident that you won’t be severely underequipped. If he comes back, I’m giving him some SPLATS, though.

His top tube lists the states:

Bruce Gordon front low-rider, Tubus rear rack, Swift Industries pan-wahs. The frame is made in Colorado by SATA (no “N”  no site),  and the fork, also in Colorado, but by a guy named Yip San. It has a Pacenti crown.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to be traveling and out of here thru Oct 1, so I won’t be all over my email. Other people will be here to help you, and if it’s me-or-nobody, then just wait until I’m back. I will try to answer, but my days will be full, often till 8pm or later, and I won’t have the hours to do email.