assorted mid Aug.

This guy, Robert Forstemann of Germany and gold medalist in the match sprint, the guy on the right  in this photo standing next to the guy on the left with the skinny quads,  needs to Just Ride.


Former employee Vaughn of Colorado recently bought this Hunqapillar, and we all found it notable because of its monster tires and Vaughn’s probably not needing them. He’s about 125lbs, and the rims are Velocity 28mm wide Cliffhangers  with Schwalbe 55mm Big Apples.

It’s a 51 Hunqa.

This is Nitto’s Top Rack. Good choice for a medium or large SaddleSack, and the only choice for the TrunkSack Large.

The Nitto Mini-Cantil rack. This is the new crown, which all by itself weighs 0.0045 what Vaughn weighs.

Now here’s the grip area. Mark knows Vaughn well and wanted to try something different. It’s cork tape overwrapped with cotton, then twined and shellacked. The groovy part is the constant diameter of the wrapping, and how you can also split your fingers over the lever clamp, no  problem or funny feeling. I’d go for a cork grip myself (and I do, and it’s similar), but I’ve got to say the constantness of diameter is kind of neat.


One of you sent me a link to a review of Just Ride, thanks. It is here. Nice review, makes me glad, but that’s not why I’m here now. The site looked kind of interesting, so I clicked on a podcast and some links and it and — well, it’s sort of a men’s grooming and culture site, and this cracked me up. I’m signing up. The tennis and cleaver convinced me.


Here’s an interesting reversal.