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We’ve had the PDF version of our new Hillborne catalog available for a few weeks now, but who wants to stare at a computer screen more than they already have to? Here’s paper pulp hot off the press.

Only one way to get your hands on a paper copy is to place an order and say “Sam Bro Pretty Please” or something like that in the notes.

We can’t afford to mail them individually at this time, so only with orders.

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"One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things"
Henry Miller testing out a prototype Tallux stem & Nigel Smythe cap circa 1965.  Bosco bars may have done him some good over the track drops. A kickstand too!
Will - Pletscher Diehard

Top: Rider Tim Wright rode this Schwalbe Marathon Plus over 14,000 miles and still didn’t wear through the tread. You know that—-we all know that—-because under the tread is the blue foamy stuff that keeps them from going flat (most of the time).

Below the tire, this crank.

The rider rode into a pole and bent the crank. Don’t think too much about the actual mechanics of it; it happened. Yes, the Sugino XD-2 crank arm is not pole-proof, but what a nice bend, and what a nice result! Bending is beautiful. Ignore the horseshoes, don’t be distracted. They’re the indexing on our PBH-measuring station. Back to the crank—yes, what a bend.

New batch of bandannas in stock.


The “heavy” bike is 15 pounds in this article, but it jives with what we’ve been claiming for years. If you want to ride faster, save your money, time and mental effort by first tuning up your engine rather than buying new bikes and parts every season.

"In short, you’re much better off upgrading your legs and dropping body fat through proper training and diet. In fact, losing unnecessary weight would have a dual impact on your power and speed. As weight decreases, the amount of power required to maintain a certain speed will also decrease. At the same time, the amount of power you are capable of generating should actually increase."

No matter how you slice it, in the big picture you can’t just buy speed, and at some point the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

Here’s the link to read for yourself:



Two Roadeos left the shop this week. Both unique in their own right, one goes to eleven on the cog set, one goes to eight. One fender’d, one not. One has 28mm tires, one has 33.3333333mm tires. One has curly drop bars, the other flat bars.

I could go on, but the point is that the Roadeo, along with the rest of our frames, is a well-designed, versatile machine.



Dionysus Atlanticus

It’s normal for us all to start filling in at 8:50am and find Dion waiting for us with a usual comment of something like: “I just rode around the mountain twice.” This is before we’ve even turned on the coffee machines.

Dion logs serious miles on his bikes, split between his Atlantis, Custom and Legolas (useta be Keven’s Lego before Keven got the Bosco Bug and dumped all his drops). I know Dion’s got a Big Dummy and at least a few other bikes too, all loaded to the teeth with no second thoughts given to net weight. He leaves the front rack on just to have something nice to look at, even though he doesn’t use it, he says. You’d be hard pressed to build up a better drop bar touring rig than this one. It’s ready for anything.

Wait times are pretty good on these Made in USA Rivendell Atlantis Frames. Operators are standing by….


Mistical Sunday Morning

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