A TBT Trout Triptych from customer Ron.



Thank you again to all who joined this weekend for our garage sale festivities. If you live out of state or overslept here are some photos & short time lapse of how it all went down.


Thanks to all who came out to make the garage sale a big success.

Garage Sale Tomorrow

Garage Sale Notes

Fun once a year sale for early risers.

Rivendell Bicycle Works Garage Sale
2040 N. Main St.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Saturday June 7, 2014.  9am.

We have a little of everything but a lot of:

  • Tires
  • Old MUSA Pants with velcro, not zippers
  • Wool tops
  • $5 T shirts
  • Misc Fenders
  • 107 bottom brackets
  • nice chainrings
  • Wool leg warmers
  • Marred seat posts

As usual we’ll serve coffe on a wooden barrel in front of the building and unleash the items right after 9am. Cash sales only until the shop opens at 10am for normal Saturday operations. Cash is king, so first buyer with cash in hand gets any item, even if you’re sitting on it with a credit card between your teeth. After the sale ends we will process credit card sales.


The Smog shop down the block opens at 9am too, so we’ll be doing it in our parking spots instead of the driveway. The driveway will be busy with smoggers. Park on the street or on the other side of our building. We have no available spots.  Bike parking will also be limited because our rack will be covered in garage sale items. Make a friend and lock your bikes together.

Priced to move

This is a liquidation! Everything is priced for a quick sale. Rims, derailers, brakes, hubs, you name it. Bring change, small bills.


Above: Bike Book & Hatchet @ 1601 N. Main St. There will be a storewide 10% off sale here all day after the garage sale up the street. Opens at 11am. You’ll have an hour to kill. Only four blocks away.


I do declare Mr. Hilsen!

This here is a 61cm Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen. All shinied up with high polished brakes & hubs. Nods to the past include the saddle, centerpulls, downtube shifters and non-aero levers (customer requested that we do not wrap the bars, he’ll do it), while the rims, tires & drivetrain have a more modern down-home humility. Homers are designed for a super comfy riding position with drop bars. Just look at this thing, it looks so right and proportional because it is so right and proportional. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years and this bike is a great example. Our flagship frame in it’s most popular (average) size with an individualized build that leaves nothing to be desired, nothing to upgrade. Congrats to the owner who’ll be receiving it soon.

Believe it or not, we’ve got a few odd sizes of Homers here ready to build. For some sizes there’s still a few months wait, but call if you’re interested. We also have lots of Homer’s little brother Sam in stock.


Ass’t pix


Jared photo-ing the new striped undies, which, by the way, a quarter of them are gone already. Buy up a size. Look at Jared’s leg. He does this all the time, for minutes continuously. It’s his default relaxing position.


In Fig. 3A above, I prove that I had a thing for Huret Jubilee rear derailers. A few are old with 20,000 miles on at least one of them. Some are new. The best-looking derailer of ever time, the lightest, too (140g). But many of those imported were configured for a French style dropout and wouldn’t work on normal Campy-style dropouts, which would drive anybody mad, and did me, several times.

The lower right is a SunTour LePree from ‘83/’84, with three pulleys, to wrap more chain without hanging down as low. Nice idea, but…didn’t fly.

And the lower middle is what may be, are you ready?—the first ever SunTour derailer, never mounted, from—-1940’s? I don’t have time to look up the SunTour history, but this is a Blug, not The World Book Encyclopedia. I’ll post a close-up of it sometime in the next few days, not now.


This is my current favorite rear derailer. Onlt $24, with a 13t upper and 15t lower pulley. If people didn’t count grams and all derailers cost the same, this is the one we’d all be loving daily.  Mounted on a future dropout, POSSIBLY one you’ll see on some other bikes. There’s more to it than just the “Breezer style” hood. A lot going on there. Details later, if ever, but…there is.


Part of our handlebar display at Bike Book & Hatchet. Showing bare and amber shellac over various colors.


In the distant future there may be a Clem Smith Jr.    Not A. Clem Smith Jr., just Clem Smith Jr.      Save your money, but not too much.  We’re not saying more about it. Might not even happen.

—-Jenny’s pal, Grant

This just in! Orders over $75 ship for F R E E !

Greetings from the Shipping Department,

You hollered, we listened. Effective June 5, 2014, orders over $75 will ship for free! It’s been a long time coming, and has required some trial and error, but we’ve finally found shipping methods that work really well for us. And for you.

Orders between $75 and $150 will ship via UPS SurePost. What the heck is SurePost, you ask? It’s a collaborative effort between UPS and USPS— UPS picks up our packages, delivers it to your nearest Post Office, and USPS delivers it to you. It’s a pretty sweet relationship. And orders over $150 will continue to ship via UPS Ground (with the exception of larger, high-value orders, like bikes and wheels and so on). As usual, if you need your order more quickly, please feel free to choose 3-day, 2-day, or next-day service when you checkout.

Thanks for all your patience and feedback while we’ve worked on figuring this all out. Most shipping-related questions can be answered here. Any other inquiries, feel free to drop me/Jenny a line: jenny AT rivbike DOT com.

Keep the orders coming!

Your pal,
—jenny @ RBW

Pony Express advert from 1860 & Mt. Diablo postcard featuring Lassie & Timmy about 100 years later. Things were a tad different back then…



This is often what can be seen in the shipping department the first day back after a long weekend, or at the end of a really good day.

We have some exciting shipping news coming very soon, so stay tuned!

—jenny @ RBW