New batch of bandannas in stock.


The “heavy” bike is 15 pounds in this article, but it jives with what we’ve been claiming for years. If you want to ride faster, save your money, time and mental effort by first tuning up your engine rather than buying new bikes and parts every season.

"In short, you’re much better off upgrading your legs and dropping body fat through proper training and diet. In fact, losing unnecessary weight would have a dual impact on your power and speed. As weight decreases, the amount of power required to maintain a certain speed will also decrease. At the same time, the amount of power you are capable of generating should actually increase."

No matter how you slice it, in the big picture you can’t just buy speed, and at some point the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

Here’s the link to read for yourself:


Two Roadeos left the shop this week. Both unique in their own right, one goes to eleven on the cog set, one goes to eight. One fender’d, one not. One has 28mm tires, one has 33.3333333mm tires. One has curly drop bars, the other flat bars.

I could go on, but the point is that the Roadeo, along with the rest of our frames, is a well-designed, versatile machine.


Dionysus Atlanticus

It’s normal for us all to start filling in at 8:50am and find Dion waiting for us with a usual comment of something like: “I just rode around the mountain twice.” This is before we’ve even turned on the coffee machines.

Dion logs serious miles on his bikes, split between his Atlantis, Custom and Legolas (useta be Keven’s Lego before Keven got the Bosco Bug and dumped all his drops). I know Dion’s got a Big Dummy and at least a few other bikes too, all loaded to the teeth with no second thoughts given to net weight. He leaves the front rack on just to have something nice to look at, even though he doesn’t use it, he says. You’d be hard pressed to build up a better drop bar touring rig than this one. It’s ready for anything.

Wait times are pretty good on these Made in USA Rivendell Atlantis Frames. Operators are standing by….


Mistical Sunday Morning

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These are a few of my favorite things

 I like all of our stuff, or we wouldn’t sell it. Well——not quite true. I don’t like the corkish grips. That stuff feels like a handful of foamy chemicals to me, and although I liked fat-handled Jackie Robinson and Nelson Fox bats when I played baseball, I like skinny grips on handlebars. If you need the cush, you need higher handlebars more. I think the yellow/gray/or white tape with amber shellac looks great and feels fantastically thin and gritty…but that’s not on the mark for a list of favorites, since it’s a small generic thing + a treatment.

  1. SaddleSacks. I live in and out of these every day, open and close them at least six times a day, between shopping, commuting, carrying stuff from here to there. We had a few snaps crap out on the removable flapstraps, then perhaps overreacted and had our maker rivet the straps on, and that was a mistake, because now you have to dig underneath the bag to unbuckle it. If you bought a bag in the last month, maybe it’s riveted. Send your address to and she’ll hook you up  with a snapstrap in about a month (we ordered more, it takes time). Still, these bags are as good as saddlebags get, and we’re really proud of them.
  2. Mark’s Rack. Every sidepull or centerpull bike needs one of these.     It holds a Medium Wald basket (goes well with our new Captain Hook Net), and makes your bike useful. I’d count the Med Wald basket in there, too, as a favorite.                                                                        
  3. Stripey undies. When the temperature here dips below 85, that’s what I wear. Women buy then as pajama bottoms. I’ve used them in hotel pools as swimming trunks, and nobody knew.
  4. Silver shifters. There are so many good shifters around, and if you have some you like, absolutely don’t switch. BUT if you’re starting from scratch and can shift without indexing (it’s so easy), and don’t mind like once a week or so snugging the wing-bolt to keep it from slipping, and aren’t sweating from having read the word “slipping,” and promise not to overcrank the wingbolt and crack the washer beneath it (it takes a lot to crack it), then you can’t do better.   The sentiment here lately is that many riders don’t know how to snug the bolt, and half of those who do will wronch on it and crack the washer (we have extras and it still works with a cracked washer!)…so there has been an internal movement to not even recommend this (in my opinion) slickest shifter in the world, with the two-way power ratchet. But it still belongs on my short list of fav things, and is one of the things I’m most proud of putting out there from Rivendell.
  5. Bosco or Albatross bars. For retrofits, go Bosco on mountain bikes, Alba on road bikes. These are the bars you’ll stick with once you try them. They’ve changed many bike-rider lives.
  6. Cork Grips. Shellac ‘em second, glue ‘em first. I’d probably like ‘em skinnier, but they feel fine and I feel them at least 45 minutes a day, even in this horrible (by our standards) heat.
  7. ALTUS rear derailer. Twenty-four dollars, monster pulleys, good looks, great function, how can it not be my favorite?
  8. GrabSack. I’ve used it every day of my life for the last 3 years and never wished for a tweak, a different detail.
  9. SPLATS. Funny name, funny look, never taken seriously, but they’re the best rain protection for shoes that I’ve ever used. (also good for saving baby birds)
  10. Trangia stove kit. It IS the stove+potset you’ll end up with and lock in forever if you ever try it. Quiet, windproof, stable, safe, clean, and powerful ENOUGH for anything you’re likely to get into, including snow.
  11. Woolpower socks. It’s hard to think of socks in the heat here, and $18 to $24 is a lot to spend on socks, but these are the best sox I’ve worn.
  12. The Song of Hiawatha. It’s a poem that’s a book and it’s like a novel, too. Should be required reading in gradeschool, but never will be.
  13. Silver Brakes. They work great and look good, but more than anything, they allow good bike designs without cantilevers. Cantilevers are fine, but sometimes a sidepull is just easier
  14. Gransfors Small Forest Ax. Pound-and-a-half head and 19-inch handle make it swingable with one hand or two. It’s not realistic to singe out one axe, but this is the most useful size.


Sam Last Shot Long Time

The Sam Hillborne is our most popular bike ever and is still our most successful, but the ones we have in stock and the ones due in September are going to be the last of them in this form for maybe two years. It will be back exactly like it is, but between now and then we’re going to do some different things, and we aren’t rich enough to do the Sams AND the other things at the same time. It’s a cash flow thing, entirely.


We have lots of all-sage Sams in stock now. It’s as good a solid-color bike as you’ll find, super low key and nice, has Silver frame tubes, everything good just like this brochure says: click here.

And yet…in September we’re getting in even more Sams, but these are the blue+creamers, as shown in the same brochure. We have no preference, colorwise. The Sage ones are lovely and look more delicate, but aren’t. The two-toners are showier but no better.

Sages can turn around and ship fast, blues arrive in September.


Frames In Stock, Ready to Ship

Check out the new Sam brochure here.

58cm - all sage
55cm - all sage
51cm - all sage
48cm - blue/cream

Sage^^^ Very last chance on those. Snatch one of the sages up by phone 800 345 3918 before Friday and we’ll give you a $100 credit.


47cm - 2
63cm - 1

1 unpainted 47 canti saluki

Someone snatch those Homers. No shipping wait time!!!!! Cheviots will likely sell out soon before we get more in November. Will they be orange? I dunno…..

We often get questions regarding the details of our Nitto handlebar fleet. The specs are in our latest & greatest Catalog

We’ve also added them to the handlebar description pages. Enjoy!