Mark rode in his knobby Custom Cross today.

Have a look.

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Kind of grainy as a jpg.. a magazine ad draft I thought you might like. Complete with typos!

Mark just finished up building this well equipped Sage Green 55cm Albastache’d Sam.



A 55cm Cheviot with racks and fenders.

It comes in three sizes that fit most riders. Above is the 55cm, our medium. It also comes in 50cm and 60cm.


Our very own Nitto Albatross handlebars come standard. We designed the bars first, then the bike around them. It’s safe to say these bars work great on this bike. The photo above has thumb shifters, it’s an easy upgrade, just ask.


We have a long tradition of great headbadges. Real metal headbadges are making a comeback on bikes, and that’s great! This one features a Cheviot. It’s a sheep. Also a Riv tradition… sheep names.


Shhh! We also have gold headbadges. Here you see the Bigmouth sidepull brake, another Rivendell first we developed to fill the need for a really big sidepull. Sidepulls are easier to setup and maintain than cantilevers, and these Bigmouths allow for the nice chubby tires we like. And fenders.

That robot-eye looking thing is the world’s—currently—brightest dyno light, the B&M Luxos. It is powered by the front wheel and is as bright as a car’s headlights.


Here’s that bike from the side. It’s our 50cm “Small” size with a dynamo generator hub, and matching dyno-powered headlight and taillight. That’s right, both are wired to the front hub. Expect to add a few hundred bucks to your order if you wanna go dyno. The Nitto Big Rear Rack is another Riv exclusive. You can clip panniers on the side and use the top for a basket or lashing on other bags. This one has Bosco handlebars. They’re like Albatross bars on steroids for folks who need the bars really high and close.  This is a good setup for commuting with the dyno lights and pannier rack.


Beauty shot of the Cheviot top-head-lug. Lugs create strong and beautiful joints. They’re all but lost on modern bicycles. On the top of the lug you can barely see the blue heart showing. It’s nice to have something beautiful to see when you look down, even if you should be keeping your eyes on the road.


Kind of an odd closeup. But see that nice subtle bend on that rack-stay? We build the bikes up one at a time, to order, and this is a touch that’s hard to come by. You just don’t see that sort of effort put into rack installations most places. But you’re spending good money here. We appreciate that and we do a good job. It’s brazed on, hence the name. Brazing is simple and elegant.


Where the frame meets the fork you get the joy of two lugs! Actually one is called a “crown.” Just like our lugs, our fork crown is our very own proprietary design that not only makes the bike perform better, it looks great, and sets your Rivendell apart from anything else out there. It’s another one of those “nice things to look down at” while riding features.  Also notice how effortlessly that fender fits in there. It’s not squeezed in the fork or brake, and no spacers required.


Here you see the flying Cheviot seat tube decal. Cheviots (pronounced shev-eeee-uht) are white-faced sheep from mainly Scotland and less-so elsewhere. You can eat them, but they’re better known for their wool. They have stupendous rot-resistant bog hoofs, also portrayed on the decals. Don’t pronounce it Chevy-ooh in your best French accent. Say Cheviot in your best Scottish accent.


Here ‘dem hoofs. Also one of the fanciest lugs in our lineup, the mixte seat lug with blue heart. The conspicuous lack of top tube makes it easier to get on, lets lots of different sized folks ride the same bike (great for families that grow kids).


Very nice decals designed by first-customer then-friend now-designer Olivier. He also took all these photos. Nice work chap!


Here’s the left side, or in bike parlance: non-drive-side. The decal is blue with the phonetic Cheviot spelling (aka Cheviut) a) because we’re weird like that and b) so when people stop you on the street and ask if your Chevyoh is like their Bleriot, you can say no no monsieur it’s CHEVIUT. Get the net!


Here’s the view from the top. Looking down, albeit out of focus down below, you get to look at the graceful bends of our Nitto Albatross bars, the blue heart of the top lug and the beautiful “batwing” fork crown.

Currently we only have these three samples but now confirmed that our first shipment of Cheviots hits the water on Tuesday February 11th. That’s eleven days behind schedule, but you know the adage… good things….


Complete bikes start at $2650 with our standard parts package which includes Albatross bars, Sneaker pedals and a Brooks B17 Saddle. The 60cm Cheviot above has fenders, racks, a basket and a bell. That brings it up to $3007. There are cheaper good racks out there and you can put the fenders on yourself to save a little more if money’s tight. Call us. We can build up something just for you.

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Cheviot - Three sizes - 50cm, 55cm & 60cm to fit just about everyone.